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Corporate Advisory
(including Commercial and Corporate Law)

We offer the following services to corporations and enterprises:


  • Advice on corporate organization and management as well as business and investment projects (including start-ups, reorganizations, expansions, acquisitions, and forms of cooperation and partnership)

  • Advice on corporate governance (responsibilities, internal processes for structuring business operations, and directive systems)

  • Advice on ESG issues

  • Advice on risk topics such as risk governance, enterprise risk management (ERM), risk control frameworks or internal control systems (ICS)

  • Consulting on compliance programs concerning

    • Prevention of white-collar crime

    • Anti-corruption

    • employee violations/sanctions

    • Whistleblowing

    • Data protection, data security and cyber security

  • Advice on regulatory requirements

  • Advising on, drafting and reviewing, and enforcing/defending claims arising out of:

    • Company/partnership agreements

    • Shareholder agreements

    • Other cooperation agreements (brokerage and business development)

    • Distribution agreements (supply agreements)

    • License agreements

    • Financing agreements (including corporate and trade financing as well as guarantee stipulations and security agreements such as escrow agreements)

    • Contracts of sale of goods

    • Contracts for work and services

    • Employment contracts

    • Services contracts, such as asset management contracts

    • Rental, leasehold, transfer of use and leasing agreements

    • License and technology agreements

    • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and non-compete agreements (NCAs)

    • General terms and conditions (GTC) / general conditions of insurance (GCI)

Notable cases in the classic area of corporate and commercial law:

Notable cases in the area of compliance:

Notable cases in the area of compliance for banks and asset managers:

Notable cases in the area of fraud prevention:

Notable cases in the area of contracts:

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