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Our way of working

Due to our experience and expertise, we are able to take care of our clients' concerns independently, efficiently and purposefully. In this sense, consulting and process mandates are always processed by one person (with sole responsibility), so that agile action is guaranteed at all times and costs are not unreasonably increased.

Where circumstances require it, we form ad hoc teams and, if necessary, bring in external experts from our global network. This can be the case, for example, in the following situations:

  • in an extensive due diligence on the occasion of a company purchase (M&A)

  • in a review of a portfolio of business relationships of a bank to assess the reputational and money laundering risks associated with this portfolio

  • when recording and categorizing the total population of a company's contracts to establish a contract management system or when reviewing a subpopulation of contracts to determine the need for adjustment for compliance with the new data protection legislation

  • for complex legal problems, the resolution of which requires a number of procedures in different jurisdictions

  • in commercial litigation or arbitration where the files are extensive (eDiscovery)


We always communicate transparently with our clients so that they are informed about the specific procedures and the next steps as well as the costs to be expected.

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